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Are You Right or Left Brained?

For years, web site design was the sole domain of the left brained because web sites had to be created from scratch.  If you didn’t know anything about HTML code, you just couldn’t join the club.

Today, there are a wide variety of software programs that enable the right brained to develop web sites without having to know anything about programming.

To illustrate this, we provide you with a hands-on learning experience. You will actually design a web site during your tutorial and we won’t ask you to write a single line of code. 

Our teaching methods are based on a simple understanding that learning styles are largely dependent upon the orientation of the learner’s brain. Studies show that we are dominated by either the right or left brain and that our orientation affects everything we do.

Individuals who are predominately left brained are highly analytical and have a tendency to think in absolute terms. They tend to work in professions that are detail oriented, e.g., accountants, computer programmers, lawyers, and stockbrokers.  In the realm of web design, a truly left brained individual puts greater emphasis on a web site’s underlying HTML code, than a web site’s overall appearance or content.

Those who are right brain dominant, e.g., artists and musicians, generally do not concern themselves with the details. Being spatially oriented.  they focus on the end product, not the technical details which generate the end product.

Awareness is Empowerment

So are you dominated by your right or left brain? If you have a left brain orientation, you were probably frustrated in your high school art classes because you couldn’t even draw a stick figure correctly.  You may have developed a bad case of “fruit bowl envy”. You envied or were frustrated by the student sitting next to you who effortlessly drew the perfect picture of a bowl of fruit.

What has this got to do with web design? If you are left brained, you already have the requisite aptitude to learn the programming skills one needs to create a web site from scratch. What you do not have is the time you would need to devote to the learning curve that goes along HTML coding. In four hours we can show you how to design a functional web site and you will not have to waste valuable time learning underlying programming skills.

If you are right brained, we will show you how to eliminate the natural concerns you probably have about detail work.  You will discover how easy it is to design an attractive and function web site without getting bogged down in the details. Apart from writing content, web design is a simple matter of cutting, pasting. sizing and placement.

In the end when you complete your tutorial, you will not only know how to design a web site, you will know how to draw that bowl of fruit.

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