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Step 5:  Upload Text & Images

As you will soon see, the addition of content is an absolute no-brainer.

All you do is click on the text tool, click on the location yo wish to upload the text to and either start writing or copy and paste your content from a word processing document.

Once uploaded, highlight the text and select open the Properties Palette.  There you’ll select a text font and its desired format, i.e., bold facing, italicizing, underlining, centering, justifying, and coloring, just like you do when you are using your favorite word processing program.

Once uploaded, modify the borders of the text box to provide sufficient space to display images and graphics.

Want to see how it looks once it’s been uploaded?  With a single click of the mouse you will see exactly how your page will look when it’s published on the web.

Images are just as easily uploaded but ordinarily have to be resized to fit the space you wish they to fill. To upload an image, all you have to do is click on the “Image” icon, click on the location you want it to be displayed, then, when prompted to locate the image file, locate it in the folder you’ve saved iti to on your hard drive.  When you click on the file, it is automatically displayed on your web page. All that remains is to resize it using the Properties Palette and refine its placement.

Now are you beginning to understand why you will spend more time conceptualizing and assembling information than you’ll spend actually designing your site?

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