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Step 2:  Conceptualize

When you begin the web design process you start with a blank slate. Apart from a home and contacts page which of the following do you envision being essential elements of your site?

    - A products/services overview page?

    - Child pages describing in greater detail individual products and/or services? If so, how many?

    - A pricing page?  This is a touchy issue. If you do price your products and/or services, make sure you’re competitive or your visitors will go elsewhere.

    - An on-line response form so your visitors can explain their needs?

    - A testimonial page?  This is an extremely important element especially if you offer services.

    - A downloadable documents or forms page?

    - A frequently asked questions page following by child pages devoted to answering individual questions.  If so, how many questions will be answered?

    - A map page?  Do you want customers to come to your location to do business?

    - Warranty page?

    - A survey page?

    - A background page describing your company’s history or personal credentials.

    - Consider whether you will need to make allowances for changes to your web site.  Do you, for example, anticipate eventually expanding your product line, services or market area?   Will you be moving anytime in the foreseeable future?   Will you eventually be adding personnel that you will want your visitors to contact using your company’s contact page? Do your products change from week to week?

The preceding list is hardly a comprehensive one.  As you consider what the ideal site should contain, keep in mind that web design is a dynamic process. Once published you will probably end up adding or revising its content because your needs and the needs of your potential customers will change.

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