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Step 6:  Optimize

Propagation allows users to locate your site when your IP address (yourdomain.com) is entered into the address bar of their browser. This is done 3-5 days after the DNS addresses for your host server have been uploaded to your domain administration page located where you reserved your domain.

If you want users to locate your site using keywords, however, you will have to register your site with the major and minor search engines. If it is not registered, it will not be spidered and subsequently indexed.

Before you register your site for indexing, it will be vitally important for you to optimize the page(s) you wish to be spidered. Optimization is simply a means by which you upload a title, site description, and a set of relevant keywords to your header and in the text of your content so search engines can place your page(s) where it/they can be found by consumers. Optimization also includes the text on your index page because that is what a spider actually sees.  Without over doing it, is extremely important to sprinkle keywords, keyword phases and derivatives of those words and phrases throughout your text. This will greatly increase your siteís relevance.

To see the results of title, keyword, description, and content optimization, visit submitxpress.com.  Submitxpress provides us the means to evaluate the effectiveness of our optimization program.  To see an example of their analysis, enter our index page (websitetutoring.com) and you will see an assessment of our optimization process. This is the only page we optimize because it is the only page we submit to search engines and directories.

Once optimized, you can submit your site to any number of search engines.  Many of the major search engines charge a fee for inclusion. Some will allow you to post your site for free but it will be two or three months before any of your pages are indexed.  This being said, there are hundreds of minor search engines you can post your site to and it will not cost you a penny.

Before you submit your site to search engines, you should register it with as many directories as possible.  Directories are extremely important because they contribute to your siteís popularity. So itís important you first post your site on as many directories as possible.  The more directories you post your site on, the greater your relevance your site will have and this will will greatly affect your ranking against competitors.

Sponsored Advertising Programs:  If you are in an extremely competitive business and want immediate results, you might want to consider participating in an on-line, click-through advertising program.  Overture and Google offer sponsored advertising programs that will enable you to get immediate exposure at nominal cost.

Several months ago we did some consulting work for a very small manufacturer who offers a product over 5,000 people look for every month using a single keyword. To be placed at the top of all sponsored listings for that keyword on Overture which is the sponsored advertising engine for Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, InfoSpace, and Overture, all the manufacturer had to pay was $ 0.10 a visitor.

According to one report, at least 14% of individuals looking for information will visit the top sponsored site before they look elsewhere because it is the first site to appear in their browser. In the aforementioned manufacturerís case, they company was in an enviable position to bring 700 visitors a month to its internet storefront. Would you pay $70 to have 700 people visit your company every month? 

To date the manufacturer hasnít done anything yet because the owner is afraid the demand will far exceed his ability to meet it. Go figure.

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