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Step 1: Select a Domain Name & Host

Selecting a Domain Name: While you will want to write down a few domain names that you would like to use and determine if they are available, we don�t recommend that you reserve a name until we have had an opportunity to talk to you.  Just know that there are distinct advantages to reserving a domain name through the company that will be hosting your site. We recommend StartLogic and you can visit those folks by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this column.

Regarding the domain name itself, try to find one that is associated with the focus of your site.  Short names are better than long ones only because they are easier to type in a browser address bar. Short names are also easier for your potential visitors to remember which facilitates branding.

If the name you desire isn�t available, try entering hyphens between letters and/or words and try again. If you are dead set on a particular name, sooner or later you�ll find a variant that will work for you.

If you cannot find a variant that suits you, consider the creation of a suitable acronym, e.g., IBM, GMAC, and Eloan..  If you would like to check the availability of a desired domain name right now, click on the banner to the left.   When you arrive at Start Logic, click on the products tab at the top left of the page and �Check Domain Availability�.

Selecting Your Host: Regarding the selection of a host, the computer where your site will be published and put on display, if you are a novice, we don�t recommend you find one on your own. 

There are thousands of hosts advertising their services on the web. Some are excellent, some are good, and some are just down right awful. A few of our clients have been taken by hosts that went out of business, that advertised 24 hour support but never answered the phone, whose servers went down for weeks at a time, and a one who tried to bill a client for excess traffic when they advertised unlimited access. In the latter case they shut our client�s site down and refused to transfer the domain name until the client had met their unreasonable demands.

The Web Site Tutor has partnered with Start Logic to host our site and our clients� sites for a variety of reasons.  They are reasonably priced.  They do not charge a setup fee.  You get free domain registration with every hosting package. Their servers are top of the line.  Their on-line administrative tools are user friendly and they offer outstanding technical support. In addition when you take advantage of Start Logic�s hosting services, if you advertise using Overture�s PPC program, your initial $50 deposit is matched by Overture.

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