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Step 3:  Get Organized

Do you have a company logo? If you don�t, give us a call.  The cost of a distinctive trademark that can be registered can be very pricey. We designed our own trademark and can do the same for you at nominal cost.

Do you already have written promotional materials that you�ve been using to promote your company? If you don�t, you can write them from scratch or we�ll write them for you.   If you don�t have ready made content, and prefer to write your own promotional materials, visit web sites offering similar products and/or services. While you can�t use their copy, you�ll get a lot of good ideas.

Locate images that will illustrate and complement your business. If you sell unique products, take photographs of them and then have your shots digitalized and stored on a disk you can later access. If you offer products produced by a manufacturer, visit the manufacturer�s site and save their images to your hard drive.  (If you�ve never downloaded an image from the internet, all you have to do is right click on your mouse, select �save picture as�, and save the picture in a folder you�ve designed to hold all your photos.) If you offer services, try taking your own pictures, again digitalizing them for future reference.  If the photographs you take don�t live up to your expectations, consider hiring a professional photographer to do them.

Caution: If you hire a professional, make sure your contract specifies that the photographer releases all rights to those photographs so that you can unlimited use them.

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