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Web Site Design Training: In addition to designing custom web sites, we spend a good share of our time teaching business owners how to design, promote, and maintain their companies� web sites using available in-house resources. 

No Risk Guarantee: After your company�s tutorial session, if you decide that in-house web site design is not practical, we will credit the cost of training to the creation of your company�s logo and/or your site�s development.

Save Money: Why pay us $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more for web site services and then hundreds more to maintain it when one of your employees could create and manage a site for you.  Why?  Not only do you save money over the long term, you will have direct control over an important element of your marketing program. Do you have an employee who has free time on his/her hands?  Then let us teach him/her the basics of web site design.

Think You are Too Busy to Bother? Believe it or not, you and your staff are going to spend far more time writing, assembling, and explaining to one or more website designers what you want published on your site than even a novice designer will actually spend designing it.

Personalized On Site Training: Using a unique hands-on approach to learning, your in-house designer will discover how easy it is to create web sites like this in a single, personalized, four-hour training session.  Believe it or not, ordinarily it takes less than three hours for the reasonably computer literate individual to learn web site design using our right-brain, left-brain teaching methods.

Hands-On Training

Web Site Design is Child�s Play: If you are going to do all the heavy lifting why pay someone else to have all the fun? This web site design took about four hours to design and publish. Five times that was devoted to developing the site design�s architecture and assembling needed materials, the same planning you or your project manager are going to do whether you decide to design your site in-house or hire a designer to do it for you.

Hands-On Web Site Training: If you�re like most business owners you are probably too busy to spend weeknights driving to and from a computer lab to learn about web site design. You need a web site now, not six weeks from now.  This is why we not only provide hands-on training at your home or place of business, we make ourselves available to provide on-going assistance when it is needed the most -- while you or your in-house project manager is in the process of designing your site.

Time is Money: If your web site is not too complex, you can have it up and running in a week or less and that means that you will start making money sooner than later.

If you don�t have the time, we will be more than happy to design a site for you. We will take care of your domain registration and handle all your web hosting needs.


If you wish to take advantage of our tutorial program, the total cost to you is just $239.95, a fraction of what it will cost to have a professional do it for you. *

Your four hour, hands-on training session begins after the web design software has been installed your computer.  Thereafter, we will provide you with unlimited, personalized assistance for a period of 30 days.

You don�t have to make a commitment to purchase the software program right away. You will have 30 days to evaluate it without incurring additional expense.

At the conclusion of your training session and any time during the evaluation period, if you decide that web design isn�t for you and you need a web site developed, we will be happy to take over it�s design and credit the cost of training toward its creation.

* Our tutorial fee of $239.95 is contingent upon your signing up for hosting with StartLogic through us. If you use a different hosting company, the fee is $299.95.

Our tutorial services do not include the cost of software which retails for anywhere from $99 - $199.95 depending on where you buy it. This is an small investment considering the savings you will realize designing your own site.  What is more, you may end up wanting to earn a little extra money designing sites for others.

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